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Information Sites
American President: A Reference Resource
A resource featuring a wealth of information about each president.
Discovering Louis and Clark
An in-depth exploration of the Lewis and Clarke expedition, including references to their journals and various images and maps.
Franco-American Relations
A brief overview of the diplomatic relationship between the U. S. and France in the late 1700's.
Landmark Cases of the U. S. Supreme Court
An in-depth analasys of historically significant Supreme Court cases, with summaries for numerous reading levels.
Lewis and Clark
The companion website to PBS' special The Journey of the Corps of Discovery. Includes various resources and primary sources.
Lewis and Clark
National Geographic examines the exploration of the Louisiana Purchase.
Lewis and Clark: Mapping the West
An interactive resources about the Lewis and Clark expidition.
Lewis and Clark: The National Bicentennial Exhibition
A large-scale, multi-city exhibition of artifacts from the Corps of Discovery.
Milestones: The Monroe Doctrine
A brief overview of the Monroe Doctrine and its impact.
Primary Documents in American History: The Missouri Compromise
A collection of Primary Source documents from the Missouri Compromise.
The 5 First Amendment Freedoms
Brief summaries of the five freedoms afforded by the First Amendment.
The Avalon Project: Major Document Collections.
A large collection of primary source documents.
The First Amendment
A collection of frequently asked questions (FAQs) relating to the First Amendment.
The Lewis and Clark Historic Trail
Information about the route taken by the Corps of Discovery.
The Louisiana Purchase
An overview of the Louisiana Purchase.
The Louisiana Purchase
A map showing the Louisiana Purchase.
The War of 1812
A large database of information on the War of 1812.
Thomas Jefferson and the Louisiana Territory
An examination of the Loiusiana Purchase and Corps of Discovery. Includes a downloadable PDF version.
United States Courts
The website for the United States court system.
Westward Expansion
A map of the Corps of Discovery route.